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When you have to take pictures of your feet because the rest of your bodies show how awkward you are

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If my boyfriend were Louis Tomlinson and he had been traveling pretty much constantly for weeks, and I had just gotten in town to see him, and we’re in a hotel room, well let’s just say we definitely wouldn’t be wearing shoes. Or socks. Or pants. 

Anonymous wondered: Hi, the thing is it doesn't matter whether the twitter icon of Harry and the insta of Louis and Eleanor were taken from the same hotel or the same floor or even the same room. The striking point is that Harry seems to be openly mocking the official narrative just before the insta appeared, has cast himself in shadow but light seems to be showcasing his fuck you salute in the window in a deliberate way. And the insta is as odd as everything we've come to expect from this whole mess, cont


Yeah, absolutely, that’s the big thing.

But somebody wanted to raise this tangential question, so I let them.



Harry doing the “OHHHHHHHH look at you gurlfriend!”

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Holy shit… I leave home for two hours to try to get a little culture (it never takes) and come back to @liam not being gay, harry moving on from lyric warnings to photos, and feet that may or may not belong to eleanor. Can’t look away for a second around here.

Anonymous wondered: SA. Also (and you don't have to post this one), this nonsense with the charities got out of hand. I get that gossip candy was well meaning in wanting to raise money for charity, but it also serves a Larry purpose, so the whole cause can be seen as tainted by people who aren't Larry shippers. I wish that she had tried to raise money for Niall and Liam's recent birthday, which would have added some legitimacy to their claims as being non-shipper related. Of course giving money to LGBT charities



…is a good thing. Of course it’s something that needs to happen more often. However, there is an essence of using this just to further their cause because of the aforementioned reasons. I’m sorry that your response was misconstrued to the point that it was. I do hope that gossip candy and her ilk are able to raise a lot of money for a worthy cause.

Hey, I just wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions your anon has.

Gossip Candy actually did do charity drives for Liam and Niall (in fact there are charity drives for all of them), they weren’t LGBTQ charities but there are charity drives for them as well.

Liam’s was for the Katie Piper Foundation (it’s still open so people can continue to donate if they want)

Niall’s was for the Leicester City Football Club Foxes Foundation (also still open)

And Zayn’s last year was for bradford based One in a Million This year it’s for the British Asian Trust

Louis’ continues to be for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice (not an LGBTQ charity)

Harry’s last year was for Believe in Magic (also not an LGBTQ charity), this year it’s for the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard

I also wanted to address your tag ‘thing is all the boys support lgbt so why single it out for harry’. I don’t doubt at all that they all do support LGBTQ causes but Harry has specifically and publicly shown his support multiple times.

Niall: has never said/done anything explicitly in support of LGBTQ (to my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong) (this doesn’t mean I don’t think he supports LGBTQ causes)

Zayn: has never said/done anything explicitly in support of LGBTQ (to my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong) (this doesn’t mean I don’t think he supports LGBTQ causes)

Louis: in an interview said that he appreciated gay and straight fans both at 7:15 (to my knowledge this is the only explicitly supportive thing he has said, please correct me if I’m wrong)

Liam: tweeted about loving gay fans in 2011 and tweeted ‘people can love who they want, it’s none of my business’ which is sort of supportive but it was during the duck dynasty debacle so. (to my knowledge these are the only supportive things he’s said, and just to be clear I do NOT think Liam is homophobic, I do think the Duck Dynasty people are however)

Harry: tweeted support when WBC protested their show. Participated in Stonewall UK’s 25th year celebration. Wished the London Lesbian and Gay switchboard a happy 40th. And supported Michael Sam by wearing his jersey at a show

I DO think they all support LGBTQ causes and I DON’T think any of them are homophobic, but Harry has been the most explicit and public about his support and I think that is why an LGBTQ charity (that he has supported!) was picked.



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